Tamil Film Review:Brahma 2017

Tamil Film Review:Brahma 2017

Tamil Film Review:Brahma 2017

By / Entertainment / Wednesday, 03 January 2018 02:30
 Genre: Drama - Fantasy 
SYNOPSIS: Is the creator Brahma conscious of what his creations need? What if his creations think that they are unjustifiably  denied what they deserve?

Story: What happens if your life gets interchanged with that of someone whom you hate? You get several fortunes that the other person enjoys, but at the same time, lose some valuable things you have always been admiring. Brahma.Com narrates the story of brothers Kameswaran (Nakul) and Rameswaran (Siddharth) who are poles apart. Both of them work for the same company, though the former works under the latter. Kamu dreams of a life with Manisha (Ashna Zaveri), but unexpected circumstances make her move close with Ramu. A peeved Kamu approaches Lord Brahma and pleads with him to make his life free of woes. 

Brahma, with the help of technology, has some other plans. As days pass by, Kamu's life becomes horrible and he has to marry the daughter of a local goonda in town. Meanwhile, a Mumbai-based actress (Neetu Chandra), too, adds to the mess he's already in. How he overcomes all these issues by convincing Brahma forms the rest of the story.

Though fantasy ideas like this are often devoid of logic, here, the youthful team tries to make it techno-logical . Brahma with a facebook friend request enter into their life and post past, present and future photos after Hero was forced on his Birthday to worship Brahma of all other Gods and made a fervent argument against what Brahma has done injustice to him.  The swap of brothers positions open up pandora's box.

It is interesting way of drawing attention of Creator's foresightedness in each creation; what the religious heads were not able to convince generations and generations of people, this film attempts to put it subtly and in few words.

Our thanks to the team for their choice of subject (where people cant understand why they are in such and such position and finding fault with the creator) with such a clarity.

The story is also moving in a funny way seems some time illogical, but the universe and the stars are also illogical if we cant understand them. Thats critics problem not creator's problem.

A must to view film.

We can even term part of the film except the message as a beautifully scripted comedy, with cameo by witty genius Bhagyaraj and also comeback featuring one-time princess of hearts Kausalya

We give 3.9/5 




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