Tamil Film Review Thaana Serndha Koottam

Tamil Film Review Thaana Serndha Koottam

Tamil Film Review Thaana Serndha Koottam

By / Entertainment / Monday, 15 January 2018 06:05

When you don't get CBI job that you dreamt of, what will you do?  What Surya will do will always be different!

Surya  wishes to join the CBI. He wants to conduct raids and expose corrupt politicians, businessmen, and clean up the system. But  a corrupt CBI officer played by Suresh Menon(Uththaman), insults Suriya for having lofty aspirations when he is just the son of a clerk.

The hero, who is from a humble background, sees that his friends too are unable to join various government departments due to their lack of resources to pay officials bribes. Enraged by this, he brings together a group of con artists who decide to perform raids by pretending to be CBI and Income Tax (IT) officials.

So you can now come to terms of the uniqueness of thinking of heroes, whether justified or not.

Under Ramya Krishnan  the duplicate CBI group raiding a minister’s house is effective and witty.  Senthil and Sathyan, have timing to their dialogue delivery to make it funny . Ramya Krishnan as is always shines in the role given to her and the director allows the audience a peek into her character’s life,  explaining the reason she took up the con job.

Suriya, who is not new to playing the role of a government authority, is convincing and at his stoic best. When CBI Officials create a net to catch them in Chennai, The movie shifts from Chennai to rural Tamil Nadu and even Hyderabad as the actual CBI begin to find the the con group.  Karthik the old but gold hero plays as an upright official roped in to catch the gang and the story moves with light humour all along.

The climax of the film provides no clue to solve the inherent corruption in the system, legally. It provides illegal ways only. As spectator I have question about the solution as I feel Corrupt system cannot be set right by  illegal and dangerous cons.

Anirudh Ravichander’s background music is apt, His songs are already a hit and they seamlessly move the narrative forward.  but no of songs in the first half takes us to old song based films. The no of songs  slow down a screenplay. 

A special mention must be given to the art direction. Karaikal and Pollachi have both been picturised beautifully, and it looks like a constant carnival. Effort has been made to ensure the vehicles, buildings and electronics shown in the film represent the 80s. The fight sequences have also been choreographed very carefully.

About Cast:  Suriya is youthful as ever. The fun and jubilant side of Suriya is also on view here, and TSK is an easy outing for this experienced star. Need we say anything more on Ramya Krishnan? The seasoned actress that she is, brings on the finer nuances of her character with a lot of dignity and understatedness. Keerthy looks pretty and shines in a couple of scenes, however, one feels she could have worked on her Brahmin accent.

Dinesh Krishnan’s colourful visuals and Sreekar Prasad’s skillful cuts count among TSK’s numerous pluses. Art director Kiran deserves a special mention for giving enough detailing, however the glossy outlook and  period film feel, fans need to say if that is a match.

The formula to create scenes to make fans expect some thing and then to surprise them with something else has worked big time for the movie. Vigensh seems to know the exact feel of the younger generation and what they would expect from a Suriya film.

Verdict 3.9/5 


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