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While saying more banking reforms will be announced in the days to come, Jaitley was critical of banks being indiscriminate in their lending in the past and brushing the real NPA (non-performing assets) issue under the carpet for a long time....

Better enlightened living and relationships start every Deepavali Day

Is Deepavali a festival? Is Deepavali a religious belief? Is Deepavali enlightenment? Is Deepavali showing a way of life?

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Thursday to weaken the Obamacare law and make it easier for Americans to buy bare-bones health insurance plans, but the action faces possible legal challenges....


  • To be happy is our goal but we never met the goal except momentarily but not even in the short term and never  in the medium or long term.  Even nations struggle with the process of keeping the citizens happy. How all the time one can be happy? Just rethink and resolve to follow Gandhism:

    On this Gandhi Jayanthi Day 2nd October 2017 we look at some points of Gandhism:

    Satya (Truth)

    The pivotal and defining element of Gandhism is Satya, word for truth. It also refers to a virtue in  many religions, referring to being truthful in one's thought, speech and action.[5]

    Gandhi said: “The Truth is far more powerful than any weapon of mass destruction.”

    Truthful in thought speech and action may be difficult - but in the long run it brings authenticity to yourself and joy or your self reflecting exactly as it is.

    Non violent resistance:

    "What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy?"
    "It has always been easier to destroy than to create".
    "There are many causes that I am prepared to die for but no causes that I am prepared to kill for".

    Violence is easy but to stay non violent, not enticed by violence is initially hard.  But when you really do it (not just externally - but in thought, speech and action without need to control feelings, by practice) then you feel there is no one who can challenge you - you and yours are unconquerable - peaceful and happy all the time

    Brahmacharya or control of mind, thoughts and senses (Brahmacharya is genuine love everyone including your wife in  Gandhi realm)

    At the age of 36, Gandhi adopted the vow of Brahmacharya, or celibacy. He committed himself to the control of the senses, thoughts and actions. Celibacy was important to Gandhi for not only purifying himself of any lust and sexual urges, but also to purify his love for his wife as genuine and not an outlet for any turmoil or aggression within his mind.

    Spouses are granted by God just to start that love with sexual orientation but in the long run it should become spontaneous love without any expectation. In the long run  this result in thinking of the other sex with universal love not just for their sexual nature that will give joy of equal mindedness.

    Ahmisa, or let non-violence, become the ego blaster:

    was another key tenet of Gandhi's beliefs. He held that total non-violence would rid a person of anger, obsession and destructive impulses. While his vegetarianism was inspired by his rearing in the Hindu-Jain culture of Gujarat, it was also an extension of ahimsa.

    Arms cannot save humanity only Non violence can On 6 July 1940, Gandhi published an article in Harijan which applied these philosophies to the question of British involvement in World War-II. Homer Jack notes in his reprint of this article, "To Every Briton" (The Gandhi Reader) that, "to Gandhi, all war was wrong, and suddenly it 'came to him like a flash' to appeal to the British to adopt the method of non-violence." In this article, Gandhi stated,

    I appeal to every Briton, wherever he may be now, to accept the method of non-violence instead of that of war, for the adjustment of relations between nations and other matters [...] I do not want Britain to be defeated, nor do I want her to be victorious in a trial of brute strength [...] I venture to present you with a nobler and braver way worthier of the bravest soldier. I want you to fight Nazism without arms, or, if I am to maintain military terminology, with non-violent arms. I would like you to lay down the arms you have as being useless for saving you or humanity. You will invite Herr Hitler and Signor Mussolini to take what they want of the countries you call your possessions. Let them take possession of your beautiful island, with your many beautiful buildings. You will give all these but neither your souls, nor your minds. If these gentlemen choose to occupy your homes, you will vacate them. If they do not give you free passage out, you will allow yourself, man, woman, and child, to be slaughtered, but you will refuse to owe allegiance to them [...] my non-violence demands universal love, and you are not a small part of it. It is that love which has prompted my appeal to you.

    Economic theory of Simple living, self sufficiency: Gandhi espoused an economic theory of simple living and self-sufficiency/import substitution, rather than generating exports like Japan and South Korea did. He envisioned a more agrarian India upon independence that would focus on meeting the material needs of its citizenry.

    Simple living gives one mental freedom to live without dependency.  Its joy to not rely on others for our own living


    Gandhi's deep commitment and disciplined belief in non-violent civil disobedience as a way to oppose forms of oppression or injustice has inspired many subsequent political figures, including Martin Luther King Jr. of the United States, Julius Nierere of Tanzania, Nelson Mandela and Steve Biko of South Africa, Lech Walesa of Poland and Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar.

    When some one wants to force their will  argumentation or violence will not solve the problem - just by standing firm on our rights and repeatedly asserting our feelings - The suppression will just wither away

    No partition and no  Dividing  Nations:

    As a rule, Gandhi was opposed to the concept of partition as it contradicted his vision of religious unity. Of the partition of India to create Pakistan, he wrote in Harijan on 6 October 1946:

    [The demand for Pakistan] as put forth by the Muslim League is un-Islamic and I have not hesitated to call it sinful. Islam stands for unity and the brotherhood of mankind, not for disrupting the oneness of the human family. Therefore, those who want to divide India into possibly warring groups are enemies alike of India and Islam. They may cut me into pieces but they cannot make me subscribe to something which I consider to be wrong [...] we must not cease to aspire, in spite of [the] wild talk, to befriend all Muslims and hold them fast as prisoners of our love.

    All Religions are one:

    When he was asked whether he was a Hindu, he replied:

    "Yes I am. I am also a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist and a Jew".[17]

    Gandhi's religious views are reflected in the hymns his group often sang which have profound meaning to the world:

    Vaishnav janatho to Call them Vishnava, those who understand the sufferings of others...

  • Call those people Godly(Vaishanvas) who
    Feel the pain of others,
    Help those who are in misery,
    But never let self-conceit enter their mind.

    They respect the entire world,
    Do not disparage anyone,
    Keep their words, actions and thoughts pure,
    The mother of such a soul is blessed.

    They see all equally, renounce craving,
    Respect other women as their own mother,
    Their tongue never utters false words,
    Their hands never touch the wealth of others.

    They do not succumb to worldly attachments,
    They are firmly detached from the mundane,
    They are enticed by the name of God(Ram) ,
    All places of pilgrimage are embodied in them.

    They have forsaken greed and deceit,
    They stay afar from lust and anger,
    Narsi says: I'd be grateful to meet such a soul,
    Whose virtue liberates their entire lineage.

    vaiṣṇava jana to tene kahiye
    je pīḍa parāyī jāṇe re,
    para duḥkhe upakāra kare to ye
    mana abhimāna na āṇe re

    sakaḷa loka māṁ sahune vande,
    nindā na kare kenī re,
    vāca kācha mana niścala rākhe,
    dhana dhana jananī tenī re

    sama-dṛṣṭi ne tṛṣṇā tyāgī,
    para-strī jene māta re,
    jihvā thakī asatya na bole,
    para-dhana nava jhāle hātha re

    moha māyā vyāpe nahi jene,
    dṛḍha-vairāgya jenā manamāṁ re,
    rāma-nāma śuṁ tāḷī re lāgī,
    sakaḷa tīratha tenā tanamāṁ re

    vaṇa-lobhī ne kapaṭa-rahita che,
    kāma krodha nivāryā re,
    bhaṇe narasaiyo tenuṁ darasana karatāṁ,
    kuḷa ekotera tāryā re

  • Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram Call him Rama or God or Allah...

India's ruling party BJP appears to have induced individuals over India's ideological range that there is no contrasting option to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


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